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Pear Cut Emerald & Diamond Pendant

Each of our bespoke jewellery suites are individually designed to suit the coloured gemstones we have hand-chosen to create them. The Plié Suite features rich pear cut emeralds dressed with brilliant white diamonds, cut into pears, ovals and rounds. Here, the pendant includes a 7.26ct emerald alongside 1.89ct of white diamonds, hand-crafted and delicately set into platinum.


Discover The Plié Collection

Each of our bespoke jewellery suites are individually designed to suit the coloured gemstones we have hand-chosen to create them. Here, the Plié Suite features rich pure intense pear cut emeralds dressed with brilliant white diamonds, cut into pears, ovals and rounds.This suite is inspired by the delicate and refined ballet move, the Plié, in which a dancer bends his or her knees, usually with the feet turned out.

Your Chosen Design Explained...

At Prestons we understand that choosing a piece of jewellery is a very personal decision. Here we explore the individual elements of your chosen design and how they combine to create the value and beauty of this incredible piece.


Each emerald our showrooms hand-select can offer its wearer a truly exquisite spectrum of colour from the mineral beryl family. The gemstone demonstrates colours from a subtle or warming yellow-toned green through to a more vivid or rich green mixed with flashes of deep blue. The depth or vibrancy of each gemstone will not only reflect the stone's distinctive colour but also its clarity and cut. Today, an emerald continues to be considered one of the most classic jewellery choices and is instantly recognisable by its unique colour and nature.

The Pear Cut

The pear cut is often referred to as the teardrop shape and is like the oval cut, a modified brilliant cut. This shape sees a fusion of the marquise and the round brilliant to create a cut that is both unique and distinctive. The length to width ratio of pear cut diamonds can vary significantly based on the purpose of the stone. A narrow pear cut diamond is ideal for a pair of drop earrings, whilst a wider shape may be preferred for a solitaire style engagement ring.

Our Bespoke Creations

Each of our bespoke collections take inspiration from the precious gemstones we have hand-chosen to create them, their natural spectrum and wealth of colour as well as their cut and shape. Each jewellery suite we design is firstly hand-sketched, rendered, using the last CAD technology, and then cast. This process allows each of our jewellery designers to explore how the final piece will look and how each hand-chosen gemstone will sit within it.

Since 1869

Throughout the decades Prestons have helped create many special moments and thousands of happy memories. So many couples have started their journey together with a Prestons diamond engagement ring and for many years our original showroom in Bolton was known as the Diamond Centre Of The North for very good reason.

We understand that every story is unique and that every piece of fine jewellery is chosen for the special occasions in your life. Today, we continue to create exquisite jewellery designs that will be cherished forever.

The Prestons Experience

Is This Your Perfect Choice?

At Prestons we believe that the best way to truly experience our jewellery designs is in person, so we always recommend you visit one of our showrooms. If you would like explore your chosen design further, please contact us below.

Pear Cut Emerald & Diamond Pendant

Pear Cut Emerald & Diamond Pendant


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Our Bespoke Design Service

Our bespoke design service allows each of our showrooms and our clients to design, create truly unique jewellery designs. Our talented design team create fine jewellery for our Wilmslow, Leeds and Guildford showrooms as well as for personal appointments or commissions.

This service allows our clients the opportunity to reimagine their own jewellery, or perhaps family heirlooms, to create something special for themselves or their loved one.

Discover Bespoke Design

Our Collections & Services

Our four showrooms in Guildford, Leeds and Wilmslow together showcase the world's finest watch houses in Rolex, Patek Philippe and TUDOR alongside exquisite fine jewellery and bespoke design services.

Our Showrooms

Over the years generations of families have become customers of Prestons and many have become friends. Today, our teams look forward to welcoming you to our showrooms in Surrey, Cheshire and Leeds.