Eternity rings can be given for any number of special occasions. An eternity ring follows the fundamental idea of a timeless life and love, with no beginning and no end, the endless loop symbolises eternal devotion.


Half Eternity Rings

Simple, timeless and elegant, Prestons showcases an extensive selection of classic diamond half eternity rings in a vast array of styles.


Full Eternity Rings

Our selection of full eternity rings follows the traditional idea of an endless loop… available set with diamonds but also sapphires, rubies and emeralds too.

Eternity rings are always set with diamonds but often sapphires, rubies and emeralds too. Prestons select every diamond and precious stone with care, love and attention. We ensure quality, value and make sure that every stone is chosen by people who truly understand the world of diamonds.

“Prestons Wilmslow and Prestons Guildford offer the perfect setting to mark any occasion, whether you are looking for an eternity ring to celebrate a wedding anniversary or as the ultimate romantic gift, we will happily guide you to something exquisite.”

Joanne Mounter, Prestons Diamond Specialist

Wedding Ring World

Wedding Ring World at Prestons has been the destination for couples for many years, carrying an exquisite selection of wedding rings in an assortment of styles.

Our unique and distinctive showrooms offer the perfect location to toast to your upcoming wedding…


A Guide to Buying your Perfect Diamond

When you buy a diamond, the 4 C’s - colour, clarity, carat and cut - are the four most important things to consider.

Our experienced and knowledgeable team will guide you through each of 4 C’s explaining in detail how they relate to give your diamond both beauty and brilliance.