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TUDOR at Prestons Guildford - An Interview with Silviu Tomulescu

22 January 24

Silviu tells us about his experience as a Sales Consultant at Prestons Guildford, and offers his advice on how to begin exploring TUDOR watches.

What first drew you to TUDOR?

I have always had a passion for watches, and leapt at the chance to join Prestons in 2015. Working with the showroom team here at Prestons Guildford, I have learned so much about TUDOR watches and the heritage behind the brand. The team has so much expertise, it has been a pleasure to develop my own alongside them.

This is so much more than a job to me. I look forward to coming into the showroom every day, and it is a joy to guide each of my clients through the TUDOR collections. TUDOR creates watches for every activity and lifestyle, and it is always exciting to meet a new client and get to know their needs. Each time I discover new aspects to the collection, and I love knowing that each watch will accompany its wearer on every adventure life brings them. It is truly an honour to work with these timepieces every day, I cannot see myself doing anything else.

What do you think makes TUDOR watches so appealing?

I think the most impressive thing about TUDOR watches is their robustness and reliability. The brand recently opened a new manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland, allowing them to put each of their watches through rigorous tests to ensure every aspect, from the movement to the case, is as resilient as possible. This makes TUDOR watches the perfect choice for anyone with a busy, active lifestyle who wants a watch to accompany them wherever they go.

Alongside this, TUDOR watches also offer exceptional value. Collections such as the TUDOR Royal and TUDOR 1926 provide an excellent place to begin exploring the world of luxury watches, without ever compromising on quality. Personally, I think TUDOR watches embody the perfect combination of real-world practicality, bold aesthetics and outstanding watchmaking.

Is there a particular TUDOR collection you find yourself returning to again and again?

If I had to choose, my favourite would be the Pelagos range. I currently wear a TUDOR Pelagos 42mm with a black dial and black bezel, which I have worn and loved for 7 years. I am fascinated by the technical challenges that go into creating a divers’ watch, and the Pelagos collection offers all the features one would require in a true tool watch.

I have always admired the #BornToDare mentality that TUDOR has in creating new watches and experimenting with materials. TUDOR recently released two new Pelagos FXD watches, one with a carbon composite case inspired by the brand’s partnership with Alinghi Red Bull Racing team, and another with a titanium case paying tribute to TUDOR’s history with the US Navy. Both watches encapsulate the spirit of marine exploration, with cutting edge materials designed to withstand extreme conditions both above and below the waves.

How would you advise a client who wished to buy a TUDOR watch as a gift?

When advising on a gift, it is important for me to understand the recipient’s lifestyle. Perhaps they enjoy travelling the world, watersports or mountaineering, or possibly they prefer dressing up for an evening occasion. TUDOR’s collections are comprehensive, and there truly is something here for any taste or activity.

We were recently visited by a lovely gentleman who wished to purchase a gift for his wife after a hard-earned promotion. She often travelled for business, and so I suggested a TUDOR Black Bay GMT, as it would allow her to track the time at home as well as in her current location. The client was delighted by this idea, and we arranged a celebration in one of our VIP rooms for when they came to collect the watch. It was such a lovely moment, and one I am sure both the couple and we at Prestons will remember for a long time. The team and I are always excited to help our clients mark important milestones in their lives, and over the years many become friends.

What can a client expect when they visit the Prestons Guildford showroom?

I am so lucky to be able to work in such a beautiful place. The Prestons Guildford showroom has been carefully designed by the team here at Prestons in collaboration with TUDOR to provide the best environment in which to explore these watches. We offer a warm welcome to everyone who visits us, and I love that this space allows me to offer my clients refreshments and get to know them in comfort. Whenever I meet a new client, it is important to me to take the time to understand their requirements and preferences, so that I can guide them to their perfect watch.

How can a new client begin their journey with TUDOR?

The TUDOR website offers a wonderful starting point for anyone looking to explore the brand for the first time. Each collection is accompanied by a page explaining the spirit behind the design, and I would recommend reading these for any watch which appeals to you.

Our website showcases a comprehensive selection of TUDOR watches, and we are pleased to offer home delivery or click and collect to suit our clients’ needs. However, I always encourage our clients to visit us in-store before deciding on a purchase. I believe TUDOR watches come to life when viewed in person, and the team and I are always excited to guide our clients, old and new, through the collection.

If you would like to discover our TUDOR collection, we would invite you to contact Prestons Wilmslow or Prestons Guildford by telephone, via our online contact form, or by visiting us in-store. We will be happy to answer any enquiry you may have.

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