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The Spectrum of Sapphires

12 September 19

Today, sapphires are not just popular in their traditional blue colour but a multitude of unique and vibrant colours.

The traditional sapphire is an exceptional blue. This rich and vibrant blue-violet colour is often associated with royalty, romance and the multitude of celebrities which have chosen to have a selection of sapphires as part of their jewellery collection. These extraordinary creations include some of the most famous jewellery pieces in history, some of which we have explored further below.

  • In 1981, Charles, Princes of Wales, presented Lady Diana Spencer with an incredible 12.00ct oval cut sapphire engagement ring surrounded by white brilliant diamonds. Today, the ring is worn by Catherine Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. This particular piece remains one of the most famous sapphire and diamond engagement rings in the world. 
  • A sapphire, diamond and seven-string pearl choker, originally gifted as a wedding present by the late Queen mother as a brooch, worn by Diana, Princess of Wales. 
  • The third piece of sapphire jewellery worn by Diana, Princess of Wales, was well known as the ‘The Saudi Suite’. The wristwatch, necklace, earring and ring suite, which were made by Asprey, incorporated an array of both baguette and round brilliant cut diamonds to create a sunray effect around each jewellery piece. Later, Diana, Princess of Wales, reimagined elements of the ring and wristwatch to create a sapphire and diamond choker which sat along midnight-blue velvet. 
  • In 2017 Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her sapphire jubilee, the 65th anniversary of her reign on the throne. An incredible portrait, to commemorate this momentous occasion, was released showing the Queen wearing an incredible sapphire and diamond suite. This particular suite was a wedding gift from her father, King George VI.

In addition to the Royal Family many celebrities, such as Elizabeth Hurley and Victoria Beckham, have famously been seen wearing sapphire engagement rings. 

Today, sapphires are not just popular in their traditional blue colour but a multitude of unique and vibrant colours. Sapphires that aren’t this traditional blue colour, black or colourless are known as ‘fancy’ sapphires and are available in every colour you can imagine, excluding red. The levels of iron, magnesium and copper, to name a few, within these corundum crystals are what cause these incredible colours to occur. It is the varying levels of these elements which affect the gemstone’s colour, intensity and shade.

Our new rainbow collection, which is shown across a multitude of our jewellery carousels, from necklace & pendants, to earrings, includes a vast selection of vivid sapphire colours. The jewellery pieces each feature a hand-selected range of fancy coloured sapphires ranging from blue through to pink, through to yellow. In this collection one of our favourite pieces is a fantastic ‘rainbow’ sapphire bracelet. This bracelet shows the true delicacy, accuracy and skill that has gone into selecting stones which blend perfectly from one to the next. 

Our selection of coloured sapphires make a wonderful alternative to coloured diamonds, or other coloured stones, due to their hardwearing nature, their incredible sparkle as well as the vast spectrum of colours available.

If you would like further information about the pieces we currently have available, please contact your local Prestons showroom here, or to explore our bespoke design service, please visit our dedicated bespoke design page here.

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