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Spring Style Guide - Colours of Nature

16 February 20

Throughout this article we explore the ultimate spring style guide, the latest designs from our bespoke collections and the perfect coloured gemstones to add to your collection this season.

At Prestons we design and create our jewellery collections seasonally, often considering upcoming trends, stones with exceptional or unique colours or even hues we feel will complement our clients’ wardrobes well. Throughout this article we explore the ultimate spring style guide, the latest designs from our bespoke collections and the perfect coloured gemstones to add to your collection this season.

This spring is all about colour. This season a vast selection of colours, both subtle and vivid, have been seen throughout New York Fashion week. From intense brights, such as cerulean blue, to heightened earth tones, such as sage green. Each colour adding a playful and, sometimes, a striking touch to a multitude of more minimal or classic looks. With London Fashion Week drawing to a close and the spring season soon to be upon us, fashion brands and in fact all sorts of industries, are forecasting clothing, jewellery, interiors and many more trends that will be based on this new season’s colour palette. Here, Harpers Bazaar is just one publication which explores these colours in more depth, the backstory behind their inspiration and marks enhanced neutrals, once again, as the key colour scheme for 2020.

A consistent feature of many of our collections, not just throughout the spring season, is coloured gemstones. The appreciation of these magnificent stones dates back centuries, when they were originally considered popular due to their talismanic properties. They were believed to be gifts from the gods, causing high profiles to wear them to glorify their status, power and wealth. The spectrum of coloured gemstones available allows us, and our clients, to create or choose pieces of jewellery to not only suit their own classic style but suit this seasons colour palette.  

Ocean or Classic Blue 

Late in December, Vogue featured an exploration of Classic Blue, Pantone’s Colour of the Year. This rich and vibrant colour is shown as a serious contender this spring, with high fashion and jewellery designers capitalising on this popular trend already. To replicate this opulent colour, we could look to sapphire, for a deep black-blue or Paraiba Tourmaline, for a brighter more electric blue, or finally Aquamarine, with its pastel blue-green hues and excellent clarity. This majestic colour, often compared with the colour of the sea or ocean, is both luxury and versatile and coincidentally, the birthstone of March.

Our jewellery designer, Katrina Young, in recent months has created a series of exceptional spring inspired jewellery pieces, many of which take inspiration from flowers or the spring seasons. Here, throughout our dedicated dress ring page, you will see a selection of these striking designs, often set with contrasting brilliant white diamonds. 

In this collection, one of our favourite pieces is the exquisite 3.04ct cushion cut aquamarine. This particular gemstone, chosen for both its brilliance and radiance, features a delicate round brilliant cut two row surround, offering the wearer not only a subtle sparkle but a pop of ocean blue colour.

For an understated casual look this spring we recommend complimenting your aquamarine collection with earthy neutral tones, such as: ecru, fawn or taupe, enhancing the natural brilliance of these brilliant gemstones. However, if you are looking for a bold statement, or perhaps an evening wear look, we would suggest exaggerating the tranquil aura of your aquamarine by pairing it with a spectrum of vibrantly coloured gemstones, this will create contrast, depth and the replicate the colourful nature of the spring season.

Aqua Green 

In each colour spectrum there are so many shades, each with subtle differences that make them completely unique. It is a similar story with coloured gemstones, each naturally formed, each stone contains its own characteristics and most importantly here, its own colour. Aqua green, is a cool-toned shade which sits between blue and green. This colour once again is represented often as the colour of deep water or the ocean, often with a semi-transparent appearance.

In our gemstone collections, we see this beautiful aqua green colour in a selection of stones but most notably, tourmaline. Tourmaline is a crystalline boron silicate mineral but each stone varies vastly in chemical composition, offering the largest array of colour options of any gemstone family. It is this that allows our design team, and many jewellers to celebrities or royalty, to create such a range of jewellery collections using this beautiful stone. A key example of this is Katherine Middleton, who is often seen in several tourmaline jewellery suites.

Here, once again on our dedicated dress ring page, you will note firstly a peach tourmaline, chosen for its unique wealth of colour but secondly, and most importantly for this season’s trend forecast, a distinctive bi-colour tourmaline, showcasing vivid flashes of aqua green, lime and turquoise. This multi-coloured gemstone alludes the tranquility of the aqua green colour offering the wearer the perfect accompaniment for day or night. 

Forest or Fern Green 

Green is the colour of life and often associated with the luscious connotations the spring season brings. The colour green however, is not simply one colour, but like we have explored above, a vast selection of different shades ranging from mint to lime, from jade to olive. For this spring style guide we have chosen to focus on an opulent shade of dark green often seen throughout gemstones such as Emerald or Tsvaorite.

In 2020, designers such as Balmain have featured this rich, yet bright, green colour throughout their clothing collections, with it also appearing, here, as one of Harpers Bazaars’ unexpected red-carpet trends this season. Like on the catwalk, forest, emerald or fern green has also featured throughout our recent bespoke design collections. It is here you will note, Plié by Prestons, an exceptional suite of pear cut emeralds, each chosen for their depth of colour. This collection is dressed with contrasting brilliant white diamonds, cut into pears, ovals and rounds. Secondly, here, we feature a pair of oval cut Tsvaorites, set amongst an assortment of round brilliant and pear cut diamonds, offering the wearer a similar dark green shade.

These hand-crafted suites feature deep shades of forest or emerald green, which partner so well with contrasting calming and neutral colours, or hues on the opposite colour spectrum, offering our clients the perfect opportunity to utlise not one, but two of this seasons key trends.

If you would like further information about our bespoke design collections or our showrooms, please contact us here, or to explore further features please visit Inside Prestons.

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