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Patek Philippe at Prestons Norwich - An Interview with Donna McGillivray

02 April 24

Prestons recently unveiled the new Patek Philippe Area at Prestons Norwich. Donna McGillivray, Showroom Manager, discusses the opportunities provided by this new space and reveals her favourite Patek Philippe timepieces.

Tell us a bit about your experience working with Patek Philippe at Prestons Norwich.

Here at Prestons Norwich, we have partnered with Patek Philippe for over two decades. I feel so fortunate to be able to work with these watches every day. Each Patek Philippe timepiece has its own unique character, and it is a pleasure to be able to guide our clients through the collection. The choice of a Patek Philippe is such a personal decision, and I love the process of getting to know my clients, coming to understand their needs, and presenting them with their perfect wristwatch.

These timepieces often mark the most important moments in our clients’ lives, from a career milestone to the birth of a child. I am honoured to be able to celebrate these occasions with my clients, and over the years many of them have become friends. It is so special knowing that every Patek Philippe timepiece will accompany its wearer for a lifetime, and go on to become a family heirloom. Patek Philippe timepieces are created to be worn and treasured, and to connect people to their loved ones across generations.

Prestons Norwich has recently joined the Prestons family. What has this transition been like for you and the showroom team?

Joining the Prestons family has been a wonderful experience. The team and I are so excited about the ongoing renovations to the showroom, and the new opportunities we can now provide to our clients and friends. I hope our clients and friends, both old and new, will join us in celebrating this new era for our showroom.

Prestons recently opened the newly-renovated Patek Philippe area. What excites you most about this new space?

The showroom team and I are so pleased with the newly-opened Patek Philippe area. Decorated in sophisticated cream and brown, this area provides the perfect environment in which to introduce our clients to the Patek Philippe collection. When I first sit down with a client, it is important for me to truly get to know them and understand their needs and preferences. This new space allows the team and I to meet with clients in a warm comfortable environment, surrounded by Patek Philippe’s design sensibilities. It is a truly immersive way to experience these wonderful timepieces.

Do you have a favourite Patek Philippe timepiece?

The Patek Philippe collection contains so many beautiful references, it is difficult to choose just one favourite. One of the things I love about our showroom is the chance to explore and experience the different collections. Each of our clients has a different lifestyle, personal taste and style and so exploring the different collections with them is a really special experience.

If I had to pick just one, my personal favourite would be the Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Ref. 4910-1200A, especially the version with the blue dial. In my opinion this is a truly classic design, embodying androgynous elegance. With its iconic manchette-style bracelet and Art-Deco-inspired rectangular case, this watch is designed to accompany its wearer through every moment of their life. I always recommend this timepiece to clients with an active lifestyle who also wish to wear their watch to formal events. It is such a versatile design, with an appeal that has transcended generations.

Often, when a client selects a Patek Philippe wristwatch, they are not only considering their own preferences, but looking for a timepiece which will be worn and cherished by their children and grandchildren after them. 

What do you think makes the Prestons Norwich showroom so special?

I feel so lucky to be able to work every day in such a beautiful showroom alongside such a passionate team. The store is located in the heart of Norwich, there has been a jewellers in this building since the Georgian period and I find it so inspiring to work in such a historic setting with such incredible timepieces every day.

The showroom team and I ensure every client receives a warm welcome, and I love that many of them go on to become friends. It is an honour to be able to guide our clients to their perfect wristwatch, and then to see the new memories their timepiece has accrued every time they return to our showroom.

If you would like to begin exploring the Patek Philippe collection, the team and I would invite you to visit us in-store. There is no substitute for experiencing the collection in person, and we are always available to offer advice, guidance or to assist with any enquiry.

For further information on the Patek Philippe collection, please visit our dedicated Patek Philippe pages, or to make an appointment, contact us here.


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