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Patek Philippe: A Rare Privilege For Prestons Wilmslow

14 August 18

Cheshire Life were delighted to interview our Sales Manager, Philip Moore, about Patek Philippe and Ref. 5531R-001...

In August, Cheshire Life were delighted to interview our Sales Manager, Philip Moore, about Patek Philippe and the Minute Repeater World Time, Ref. 5531R-001. 

'Patek Philippe's World Time watches are the most sought-after in the world and Prestons in Wilmslow is honoured to have a request for one of their customers accepted from Patek Philippe Geneva. Their Sales Manager Philip Moore reveals why this is such a privilege for the jeweller. 

- What makes the Patek Philippe Minute Repeater World Time Ref. 5531R-001 so rare?

The Ref. 5531R is exceptionally rare due to the complexity of the movement, the hand-finishing of the case and the artistry of the dial. The movement itself contains 462 parts and each part is hand decorated with a variety of traditional techniques and finishes. The dial on this particular watch is cloisonné enamel with depiction of the Lavaux vineyards landscape overlooking the shores of Lake Geneva. 

- Is this the newest model? When was it released? 

The Ref. 5531R is a new model which was released at 2018 Baselworld in Switzerland. 

- What is a World Time mechanism?

This is a mechanism that allows the timepiece to adjust the local time to any of the 24-hour time zone cities around the bezel. The local time is displayed for the time zone whose assigned city name is at 12 o'clock. The minutes are indicated by the minute hand and are the same for all time zones. 

- What is a Minute Repeater complication?

This is a complication in a mechanical watch that chimes in the time on demand by activating a slide-piece. These watches are produced by the most skilled watchmakers as it is a very complex mechanism. It can take up to 300 hours to assemble. The watch must be tuned to perfection and it is evaluated by an analysis of its sound waves and by the president of Patek Philippe, Thierry Stern who will approve the perfect sonority of the watch. 

- Is there a waiting list for the watch? How does the customer purchase a watch such as this?

The Ref. 5531R is not available for sale to the general public. Instead Patek Philippe consider any customer requested to purchase a watch of this magnitude. It is a rare piece which means that there are very few around the world. The watch is priced at over £400,000 but the final retail price is not known until the watch leaves Geneva. 

- How long have you worked for Prestons?

I have worked for Prestons for almost 10 years in which time i have built a loyal customer base, many of whom are not only customers but now my own personal friends. Prestons Wilmslow is a shopping experience in itself with a dramatic bronze sculpture which surrounds The Aquarium Bar. The Patek Philippe boutique within our store allows you to explore the collection and the brand in a completely immersive environment

- How long have you been working with Patek Philippe? 

Approximately 15 years and i have completed their highest level of retailer training in the UK and Switzerland. This training includes a visit to the Patek Philippe factory, meting the master watchmakers and the opportunity to assemble a Patek Philippe movement. 

- What do you love about Patek Philippe?

I continue to be fascinated by what Patek Philippe create each year. Their brand can be summarised perfectly by its own ten values; independence, tradition, innovation, quality and fine workmanship, rarity, value, aesthetics, service, emotion and heritage.' 

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