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A Symbol Of Past, Present & Future

09 March 20

The trilogy ring is one which many jewellers associate with a deeper more romantic meaning. Here, we explore this heartfelt meaning and the multitude of styles available when choosing your perfect three stone ring.

The trilogy ring, often referred to as a three stone ring, is one which many jewellers associate with a deeper more romantic meaning where each individual diamond or coloured gemstone carries its own unique meaning. The name ‘trilogy’ originates from Latin tres and Greek treis meaning ‘three’, and represents the three distinct stones this style is so famous for.

A trilogy ring is often considered to represent you and your partner’s journey together, your commitment to each other. It is thought that a three stone ring was originally designed to symbolise past, present and future, a representation of the stages of your ever-growing love for each other. The present, in most instances, is placed as the centre or focal stone, flanked or supported by two, often similar, side stones representing both the past and the future. The second recognised meaning suggests the three stones relate to friendship, love and fidelity, once again acting as three distinct symbols of your love. On rarer occasions, three stone rings can be suggested to mean mother, father and child or even a representation of the Holy Trinity.

Of course, for many of our clients they choose a trilogy or three stone ring, not because of the meaning or symbolism it represents but simply because they love its design for either an engagement or a dress ring. This particular ring style offers the wearer an array of creative options, the possibility to create something that is classic and traditional or, perhaps, a piece that is modern and distinctive. In order to best select the design and style of your trilogy ring it is important to consider, firstly, how you would like your three stones to sit together.

Firstly, here, we explore a traditional round brilliant cut, the technical term for the shape of the diamond, design. This style features three hand-chosen diamonds, each selected to match the other, in terms of colour, clarity and carat.

Here, we explore an exceptional emerald cut three stone. This particular design features three brilliant white diamonds, each of the same, emerald cut design. The diamonds have been set in a graduated style, with each of the two side stones, supporting and framing a larger carat weight centre stone.

Here, we explore a second emerald cut three stone, however on this occasion the two side stones are round brilliant cut diamonds. Like many trilogy rings, this style features two complimenting diamond cuts, adding contrast and definition to each individual gemstone.

Finally, here, we explore an oval cut three stone. This particular style, like above, features two complimenting cuts, oval and pear. This design is the perfect example of utlising the pear cut, which is most commonly seen set from north to south, set from east to west, to create a graduation towards your focal or centre stone. In many instances more unusual, or less well-known cuts, such as trapezoid or triangular cut, can be used in a similar way to frame your chosen centre stone.

Today, one of the most famous three stone rings is the engagement ring Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, presented Megan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. This particular trilogy was designed and created by Cleave & Company and combines the rich heritage of the Royal family with a modern, romantic design. The ring combines a brilliant white cushion cut diamond, believed to be sourced from Botswana, set amongst two round brilliant cut diamonds.

In all of the illustrated examples the chosen gemstones are brilliant white diamonds, however three stone rings are available in a vast multitude of coloured diamonds or even coloured gemstones. On the 18th May 2016 The Oppenheimer Blue was sold by Christies at their Magnificent Jewels auction in Geneva. This exceptional piece, which was named in honour of its previous owner, was described as containing one of the rarest gems in the world, a 14.62ct fancy vivid blue diamond. This sensational rectangular or emerald cut gemstone was flanked on either side by two trapezoid white diamonds to create a trilogy like no other. The Oppenheimer Blue, on this occasion, sold for CHF 56, 837,000 or $57,973,000. Other exquisite examples, from this particular auction, include, a 13.64ct octagonal cut emerald set between two white triangular cut diamonds, created by Harry Winston, and a vivid fire opal set with pear cut diamonds, by Bulgari

Of course, these examples would be considered masterpieces, each of an exceptional carat or size, as well as quality. However, the idea or the suggestion of including coloured gemstones in a trilogy ring is one that is rightly popular, both throughout history and today. Here, on our dedicated dress rings page, we feature a beautiful three stone ring, which features a 1.02ct natural fancy yellow oval cut diamond as its centre stone. In this example, each oval cut is individually encased with a subtle shimmering halo of white diamonds.

Like all of our jewellery collections, many of our pieces are created in our own design workshop, offering each of our clients an array of individual designs but also the opportunity to create a ring or design based solely on their own ideas, their own style or even using their own diamonds or coloured gemstones.

If you would like further information about a trilogy or three stone ring, please visit our dedicated engagement ring page here or contact our dedicated jewellery showrooms here. Each of our showrooms look forward to welcoming you. 

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