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A Colourful Gemstone: Playful Pink

13 July 20

Here, we explore an array of exquisite pink gemstones, unveiling their unique properties and endless design opportunities.

The colour pink represents compassion, nurturing and love. Its serene shades span from deep fuchsias to delicate peaches. Its vibrancy radiates through each of its many hues, making it a perfect gemstone to form the focal point of playful, incredible designs. The colour pink is often associated with femininity, romance and charm. Such shades are said to evoke feelings of peace, compassion and emotion. With this in mind, you may feel pink is a suitable shade to feature within a sentimental piece for a loved one, or indeed a milestone celebration.

Peach Tourmaline

Peach Tourmaline combines the warmth of coral with the delicacy of pink. This soothing, feminine hue is chic to wear with both evening and daytime attire. The name Tourmaline actually comes from the Sinhalese word “Toromalli” meaning mixed gems. This is due to the fact Tourmalines come in a variety of shades, aside from the popular peach. One such shade is the Watermelon Tourmaline, this variety of Tourmaline displays a gradient from vibrant pink through to emerald green, creating the most radiant display of colours. A fine example of the properties of Watermelon Tourmalines can be found in our Watercolour Collection of bespoke jewellery. Cut into bold octagons and offset against fine fluid diamond lines, this exquisite suite features 41.18ct of Watermelon Tourmaline, each unique, distinctive and hand-chosen by our dedicated team.


This rare stone comes in an array of colours from pale blush, to rose, peach and salmon. The gemstone took its name after the American financer J.P Morgan who was, in-fact, a keen gemstone collector. This came about shortly after Morganite’s initial discovery, when the chief gemologist for Tiffany & Co suggested the newly discovered gemstone should be named after his friend, to show his appreciation for his financial support to the arts and sciences. 

The unabridged elegance of Morganite is exemplified within our Water Lane Suite. Conceived by our in-house jewellery designer, Katrina Young, the suite includes a cocktail ring, ear drops and an exceptional pendant. Each cushion cut morganite, which total 15.84ct, has been hand-chosen for its bold, feminine and unmistakable shade of pink and is set amongst a halo of round brilliant cut and baguette cut fans.


Kunzite takes its name from gemologist and Tiffany & Co's former chief jeweller George Frederick Kunz, who was the first to identify the enchanting gemstone. Kunzite's most distinctive feature is its ability to retain light giving it a luminescence which is difficult to find in other gemstones. Taken with its unique luminous qualities, in 1963, John F. Kennedy famously bought his wife Jackie Kennedy a Kunzite ring to celebrate their 10th Christmas together.

Today, Kunzite is in large demand. Our Kunzite Suite is the perfect example of why the gemstone remains ever more popular. Featuring a striking 10.95ct emerald cut Kunzite pendant and coordinating drop earrings. Each coloured gemstone is chosen for their rich shade of pink and lilac and set in 18ct white gold with three graduated diamonds. A bold statement mounted in the simplest way.

Pink Sapphire

Pink is one of the rarest colours in the sapphire spectrum, they are often featured in ornate design pieces, however more recently the increasing popularity of multi-coloured jewellery has seen pink sapphires decorating designs, alongside a multitude of contrasting sapphire shades. 

Lady Gaga is never one to be off-trend. Her highly fashionable engagement ring boasts an exquisite oval Pink Sapphire centre stone, a shape that helps to elongate the finger. The centre stone is complemented by a halo of white brilliant cut diamonds.

From one fashion icon to another, the Queen who is well known for her enviable collection of priceless jewellery. One such example is from her peerless collection of brooches which includes a large pink round sapphire, surrounded by a halo of brilliant white diamonds seen here.

Another fine example of the beauty of the Pink Sapphire is highlighted in our Passiflora Collection. The suite’s magnificent pendant features petals of vivid Pink Sapphire, totalling 0.61ct, complimenting the sea-blue Aquamarine centrepiece to stunning effect.

Pink Diamond 

Pink diamonds were historically found in India, Africa, and Brazil. Legendary old cut pink diamonds have graced the crown jewels of Iran, India, and France.

These scarce diamonds are among a range of coloured diamonds, standing out as a prestigious style choice, being one of the rarest colours of diamond available. This beautiful stone comes in shades ranging from a pastel rose, such as the famous 22.84ct ‘Pink Orchid’ diamond to intense purple reds. 

Pink diamonds are, without doubt, one of the most in demand gemstones amongst the glitterati today. They have seemingly reached their zenith with a score of celebrities seeking out bespoke pieces in the last few years. One example can be found on the finger of Ryan Reynold’s wife Blake Lively. The highly luxurious piece of ‘nouveau’ jewellery is perfectly complemented with a pavé set rose gold band.

If you would like further information about the possibilities pink gemstones hold, please contact us here, alternatively visit our dedicated bespoke design page here.

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