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A Colourful Gemstone: Calming Blues

26 July 20

Here, we explore a variety of blue gemstones, their remarkable properties and the incredible array of shades, from pastel to vibrant, that form the focal point of our designs.

Colour is essential in creating personal image through jewellery design, it shapes the way the outside world perceives a certain look or style. Therefore, through selecting colours and shades personal to you, you are developing your own jewellery colour palette. The array of shades within the colours spectrum means that our in-house jewellery designers can create a multitude of bespoke designs using blue gemstones of different shades. 

Blue gemstones can be incorporated into one’s jewellery collection to complement your appearance and style. The colour blue is often associated with symbolising calmness, stability and wisdom. A beautiful example of such an incorporation is a stone such as aquamarine. This beautiful stone also doubles as the birthstone of March, making it the perfect heartfelt gift for your loved ones. Just one example proving the captivating quality this all-encompassing colour has to offer, can be seen here.  

Paraiba Tourmaline: Neon Turquoise Hues

This remarkable stone is known for its hues of neon blue, radiating a brilliant glow. It was first discovered in a region of Brazil called Paraiba, hence the stone’s name. Paraiba tourmalines come in an array of blue hues and tones, including translucent blue and bright turquoise to mention just a few. This ethereal stone is in fact rarer than diamond and boasts some impressive claims, one of which is that it possesses healing energy and is thought to assist in relaxation and thought gathering.

Shown here is an exceptional electric blue pear cut Paraiba Tourmaline. This vibrant pear cut is surrounded by 0.72ct of brilliant pear and round cut white diamonds to create maximum brilliance. This statement piece would pair perfectly with a delicate tennis bracelet to contrast its bold structures adding subtlety to your overall look. This striking dress ring is also part of a bespoke design jewellery suite, including a radiant pear cut Paraiba tourmaline necklace adorned by a selection of round and pear cut diamonds. These two pieces together display the overwhelming stature of this magnificent stone.   

Aquamarine: Ocean Blue

Aquamarine comes from the same family as the Emerald, the Beryl family. The family is fantastically versatile as it includes gems that come in a rainbow of colours, meaning Aquamarines and Emeralds both share the same properties, such as durability. This is an ideal trait for a gemstone of such opulence, as it lends itself to a multitude of design opportunities, making it ideal for jewellery that is worn day-to-day, as well as for evening wear.

The late Princess of Wales owned an unfathomable collection of jewels, one of which was a pair of the purest Aquamarine and diamond earrings. Given to her by Queen Elizabeth as a gift from her personal collection, these exquisite designs featured a mix of pear cut aquamarines set in a halo of brilliant white diamonds, cascading down from a cluster of diamond studs. The Princess of Wales was spotted first wearing these stunning earrings at the Cannes Film Festival in 1987.

Here, a mesmerising 3.04ct cushion cut aquamarine is hand-chosen for its incredible pastel blue colouring. This dress ring features a brilliant cut double halo of white diamonds, surrounding the claw set aquamarine centrepiece. 

Sapphire: Royal Blue

The word sapphire is derived from the Latin and Greek words for blue. In ancient times it was believed that if you wore a sapphire in your jewellery suite it protected you from harm. However, today Sapphires are frequently gifted as the September birthstone.

Rich blue sapphires have long been popular, with royal roots stemming back decades. Their association with royalty contributed to the term royal blue, as royal blue sapphires were often worn by medieval kings. This regal gemstone features within a Christies article elaborating on the history of magnificent sapphires, where the article describes some of the most famous sapphires ever to be sold at a Christies auction.

As well as having both royal connotations and being the birthstone of September, sapphires are also traditionally gifted as 5th and 45th anniversary presents, making a jewellery design incorporating this deep blue stone an unforgettable gift for your loved one. Here you will find an exquisite pear cut sapphire dress ring. This vivid blue sapphire has been surrounded by an array of round brilliant and marquise cut diamonds, creating the ultimate coloured piece contrasting beautifully against the diamonds.

Tanzanite: Blue Violet

Tanzanite can be only be found in one location across the world, the Mererani Hills of Northern Tanzania. This stone’s name was coined by Tiffany’s in 1968 after the famous jewellers called the rare gemstone by its place of origin. Tanzanite’s rarity and its rich blue to velvet like hues make it incredibly popular, in-fact, The Duchess of Cambridge was gifted a magnificent pear cut tanzanite and diamond necklace and earrings suite by the Duke of Cambridge.

Here, in our necklace collection you will find a classic round brilliant cut tanzanite pendant surrounded by a delicate halo of brilliant cut diamonds, beautifully set into 18ct white gold. This pendant is an exceptional contrasting piece to add to any jewellery collection.

If you would like further information about the design possibilities of your favourite blue gemstones, please contact us here, alternatively visit our dedicated bespoke design page here.

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