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Discover Understanding The Anatomy Of A Diamond

What Is A Diamond Cut?

A diamond’s cut or proportions, is what defines its overall performance, well-cut diamonds are faceted in a way that will maximise the light return and therefore showcase more fire, brilliance and sparkle. If a diamond has a lower cut grade, it can become too deep or shallow, increasing light leakage, reducing the performance of the stone as well as adding carat weight with no greater visual impact.

The overall cut of a diamond is greatly affected by the design, craftmanship and care that goes into creating the finished stone, for example, the quality and condition of the facet surfaces.

Grading Diamond Cut

The GIA’s system for grading diamond cut, specifically round brilliant cut diamonds, includes seven unique factors: brightness, fire, scintillation, weight ratio, durability, polish and symmetry to assess and grade stones from excellent to poor. A GIA Grading Report will contain a diamond’s full assessment, as well as a diagram, which clearly indicates the measurements and proportions of each individual stone. In each of our collections and special commissions we choose to only use diamonds graded excellent and/or very good to ensure the very best quality.

Types of Cut

The three primary cut styles are known as brilliant, step and mixed. The brilliant cut style produces more fire, brilliance and scintillation, often known as sparkle and can be seen in the classic round brilliant cut diamond. The step cut style creates a more transparent, geometric appearance, often appearing like parallel lines running through the precious stone, this is most commonly seen in emerald or asscher cuts. The emerald cut, to take one example, is often described as creating the illusion of a hall of mirrors when looking into the stone.

Diamond Shape

In many instances, you will hear cut and shape used interchangeably. The shape of a diamond refers to the outline of the stone as you look down upon it from above. The most familiar is the round brilliant cut which is considered the most classic and accounts for more than 70% of all diamonds sold today. There is however a number of shapes you could explore when selecting a diamond. These include oval, marquise, pear, cushion, asscher, princess, heart and radiant to name just a few. In some instances, particularly with cluster designs or even trilogy rings, you will see a combination of two or more cuts to create unique designs.

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Our showrooms in Wilmslow, Guildford, Norwich and Leeds are always here to help and continue to offer the advice and guidance that has been our hallmark since 1869.

Our Showrooms

Over the years, generations of families have become customers of Prestons, and many have gone on to become friends. Today, our teams look forward to welcoming you to our showrooms in Wilmslow, Guildford, Norwich and Leeds.

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Our Guildford showroom, which is now located on the opposite side of the high street, is designed to reflect the architectural merit of the Edwardian building it now occupies. The store features newly extended spaces dedicated to the fine watch houses it showcases, alongside a comfortable lounge to allow our clients to explore our bridal and fine jewellery collections. Explore This Showroom

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Located in the heart of Wilmslow, this showroom features a selection of spaces dedicated to the fine watch houses it showcases. Of course, the bridal collections Prestons have always been famous for remain a prominent feature of the store and surround the famous Aquarium Bar which sits at its centre. Explore This Showroom

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This showroom, located in Victoria Gate, features extensive Rolex showcases alongside a discrete VIP lounge. Every element of the interior design radiates the values of the Rolex crown: excellence, precision and attention to detail from louvre walls in walnut, to the careful calibration of colours and patterns within the fittings and furnishings. Explore This Showroom

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Located on the historic Norwich high street, Prestons Norwich has been expanded and redesigned to reflect the character of the building it has occupied for over 150 years. The showroom features collections by Patek Philippe, Rolex and TUDOR alongside our fine jewellery collections. Explore This Showroom
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