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Our showrooms have now reopened and our dedicated specialists are here to welcome you.

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Always You Always You

Always You

Throughout the decades, Prestons have helped to craft many exquisite moments, the most precious of celebrations and thousands of cherished memories. Our four showrooms understand that every client is individual, every story is unique and that every piece of fine jewellery we design is inspired by the most special occasions in your life. Today, we continue to capture the emotion behind each of these stories and to create exquisite jewellery designs that will be cherished forever.

Engagement Rings

A selection of classic and contemporary styles, hand-crafted with love.

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Eternity Rings

A symbol of a timeless life and love, with no beginning and no end.

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Our Passion for Jewellery Design

Our heritage, experience and devotion to the art of jewellery design is a true testament to the exceptional standards we uphold across our showrooms. Our designers believe that our jewellery suites and collections should be as unique as the individuals who wear them. We understand that jewellery is a personal statement, an expression of your personality and therefore believe that no two pieces should be the same.

Our highly talented jewellery designers allow each of our clients to design a piece to mark an occasion, to bring to life a creative idea or simply as a celebration of you. From design to execution, from hand-sketches to casts or moulds, we guide you through the creative process, sharing with you the knowledge and passion for jewellery design we have accrued over the last 150 years.

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The Prestons Experience

Our story started in 1869 with goldsmith James Preston. 150 years later, and with four beautiful showrooms, our heritage still forms the basis of our values, essence and our unparalleled passion.

From the moment you contact us, your personalised journey with Prestons begins. Our dedicated team members are here to help you choose the fine jewellery and wristwatches that perfectly tell your story and reveal an absolute expression of yourself, your personality and your style.

Today, our dedication to our clients' experience ensures that the exceptional service we offer is based on the thousands of happy memories we have helped to create and the generations of families who continue to celebrate their most cherished memories with us.

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Fine Jewellery

Our fine jewellery collections offer 150 years of jewellery experience, the finest value proposition combined with expert craftsmanship. Our heritage, creative passion and devotion to the art of jewellery design is a true testament to exceptional standards we uphold across our four showrooms.

Wristwatches at Prestons

At Prestons, we are official and authorised retailers of Rolex, Tudor and Patek Philippe timepieces. In addition to this, we also showcase a comprehensive selection of pre-owned watches alongside expert watchmaking services.

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Our showrooms all offer incomparable levels of service throughout your entire journey with us. This journey could include our fine jewellery collections, our comprehensive selection of pre-owned watches or our expert services.

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From the moment you contact our showrooms, whether that be through our website, by email or telephone, your personalised journey with Prestons begins.

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