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Your Precious Setting

The art of craftsmanship is one of the many reasons our clients choose us. The setting of a gemstone is not only responsible for the design of your jewellery but also its safety and security.

If you wear your jewellery daily or regularly, it is essential that you examine it from time to time ensure each of the precious stones your jewellery holds is secure. In each instance, this examination can be done by simply gliding your finger along the top of your setting or claws. If you feel a sharp claw or perhaps the movement of one of your gemstones, this could be a sign that you may require further care from a member of our team. This sharpness or movement could signify that a stone is loose, cracked or damaged. For your own peace of mind, we would always recommend you have your jewellery inspected by our showrooms every three years.

The other consideration for your precious metal is its lustre. This point is particularly relevant for white gold which is plated or coated in a bright-white silvery material called rhodium. This plating can, over a number of years, wear away, especially if it comes into contact with harsh chemicals or significant wear. In most cases, the need to reapply this coating is only necessary with jewellery pieces such as engagement, wedding or eternity rings as your hands often take considerably more wear day-to-day.

Diamond Jewellery

In most instances diamond jewellery, such as your engagement ring or diamond earrings, will be cleaned using our ultra-sonic machines, cleansing away the build-up of products such as hand-lotion or perfume. An ultra-sonic uses a combination of high-frequency and high-intensity sound waves to agitate temperature controlled liquid and therefore effectively removes the build-up of everyday substances from the most intricate of settings.

This comprehensive cleaning also offers us the opportunity to ensure the safety and security of your diamond or precious stones, as explored in our previous section.

If your diamond jewellery requires further attention or a more in-depth cleaning it may be that we ask our in-house jeweller to review the piece. Following this examination and on the advice of our jeweller, we may suggest that your jewellery is polished as well as cleaned to restore its lustre and original beauty.

Coloured or Precious Gemstones

Our jewellery designers create each of our fine jewellery collections using vibrant and rare coloured gemstones from across the world. The care that goes into this process must be mirrored by the wearer, especially with softer stones such as emeralds, tourmalines and aquamarines.

There is a small selection of precious gemstones which can be extremely sensitive, this is due to their delicate and soft nature, and in some instances, this means that they are easily abraded as many jewellery cleaning solutions are in fact too harsh.

For this reason, we would recommend to each of our clients visiting us to have your jewellery items cleaned and checked.

Jewellery Repair

Fine craftsmanship is a tradition that is still honoured at Prestons with in-house jewellers who can repair both modern and antique jewellery using time-honoured skills alongside state-of-the-art technology.

Our showrooms offer an array of jewellery repair services ranging from claw re-tipping to repairing bracelet clasps, and from re-rhodium plating to sourcing and colour matching replacement gemstones.

Our experienced team can examine any jewellery piece and offer you advice, guidance and recommendations, on the work required, the process of how this will be completed and an estimated cost for this.

Our Jewellery Warranty

Our showrooms understand the importance of your jewellery and that it is often irreplaceable. Our personalised warranty means that you are covered for design, manufacturing and craftsmanship issues for a period of up to twelve months following purchase.

The conditions or issues that would not be covered under this warranty include situations such as accidental damage but we, of course, understand that accidents happen. If something should go wrong or if you have a concern, rest assured, our showrooms are always here for advice, guidance and to ensure the repair of your jewellery pieces, although this would not be covered under your warranty.

Our Collections & Services

Our four showrooms in Guildford, Leeds and Wilmslow together showcase the world's finest watch houses in Rolex, Patek Philippe and TUDOR alongside exquisite fine jewellery and bespoke design services.

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Our showrooms all offer exceptional levels of service throughout your journey with Prestons, making the experience of shopping with us both memorable and enjoyable. If you have an enquiry regarding our fine jewellery collections, our services or the brands we showcase, please contact your nearest showroom below.

From all at Prestons, we look forward to speaking to you soon.

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Over the years generations of families have become customers of Prestons and many have become friends. Today, our teams look forward to welcoming you to our showrooms in Surrey, Cheshire and Leeds.