Wedding Ring World - Prestons

Diamond Set

Simple, timeless and elegant…Prestons showcases an extensive selection of classic diamond wedding rings each set with beautiful diamonds hand chosen for their beauty and brilliance.

Prestons Jewellery - Wedding Ring World - Diamond Set


From identical bands, to bespoke pieces made to perfectly complement one another… From platinum, to yellow gold… Our exquisite selection of plain wedding bands offers you an extensive selection of choice.

Prestons Jewellery - Wedding Ring World - Plain


Your wedding rings are not only significant because of the promises they represent but because it is a piece of jewellery you will wear always… Our selection of patterned wedding rings is available in a vast array of beautiful and unique styles.

Prestons Jewellery - Wedding Ring World - Patterned

Mixed Metal

At Prestons our selection of mixed metal wedding rings offers you an assortment of unique and distinctive combinations to suit your style perfectly.

Prestons Jewellery - Wedding Ring World - Mixed Metal