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The Finest Quality Pearls Since 1893

From generation to generation, pearls have been synonymous with classic beauty and elegance. From mother to daughter, husband to wife, the world's romance with pearls has been a constant, consuming passion. Timeless, sensual and sophisticated, pearls radiate a subtle lustre that has been likened to a warm embrace. Whatever the milestone, celebrating with pearls is the ultimate gift of love. Since 1893, the quality and allure of Mikimoto cultured pearls have made Mikimoto the pearls of choice.


Each beautiful piece reflects supreme dedication, passion and care. For today's connoisseur of fine jewellery, MIKIMOTO combines timeless elegance with sophisticated, modern design.

Mikimoto is the foremost purveyor of the finest quality pearls and is a World leader in the design of exceptional jewellery. The name has become synonymous with superior quality, from the selection of the finest materials through to the supreme craftsmanship and unsurpassed customer commitment; to own Mikimoto is a rare and luxurious pleasure. Mikimoto is available in our Prestons Wilmslow and Prestons Guildford showrooms.

"I have always felt that pearls are classic, beautiful and elegant... Mikimoto truly embodies this elegance creating pieces that are both sophisticated and timeless"

Joanne Mounter, Prestons Diamond Specialist


Over a century ago, Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded in creating the world's first cultured pearl... His quest for perfection and his love for these pure, lustrous gems of the sea were the guiding forces that built the house of MIKIMOTO.

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Our Wilmslow and Guildford showrooms both feature Mikimoto and act as the perfect environment to explore the collection.

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