Prestons Coloured Stones

Coloured Ring

At Prestons we showcase a vast selection of coloured gem stones, each as individual as its owner. Our extensive selection of rings are set in both contemporary and traditional styles, many accompanied by a subtle diamond surround or set with diamond side stones.

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Coloured Necklace

Our collection ranges from tanzanite filled with motifs of blue and violet, to the more classic rubies with vivid red keynotes. Each necklace is handset as a pendant, collar or necklet, most of which are part of intricate and delicate suites.

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Coloured Bracelet

A celebration of coloured gem stones, our bracelet selection offers the perfect addition to complete a suite or as a delicate addition to any jewellery collection.

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Coloured Earrings

From elegant diamond studs to intricately designed fancy earrings, our selection ranges from classic to contemporary.

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