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In Conversation with Sam Green, the Showroom Manager at Rolex by Prestons

01 November 21

Here, we interview Sam Green and learn more about his experience and advice when selecting your perfect wristwatch.

Here, we interview Sam Green and learn more about his experience and advice when selecting your perfect Rolex wristwatch.

Is there a particular memory or time you first remember learning of Rolex?

I genuinely cannot remember not knowing of the brand. I have always, even before my time working with luxury wristwatches, been a great fan of luxury timepieces. I am so delighted to be working for Prestons at our stand-alone Rolex Boutique in Leeds. In this particular showroom, we only showcase watches by Rolex, and it has offered me the chance to truly specialise in the incredible selection of wristwatches offered by the brand. 

To work alongside one of the finest watch houses in the world for over a decade is an incredible achievement, what is it that you love most about the Rolex brand?

The comprehensive selection of models, the Rolex collection is incredibly versatile. The Lady-Datejust and Datejust collections alone have such an inclusive selection of options – with a range materials, four bezels, multiple bracelets and a number of dial colours to choose from, it really allows each and every client to choose a watch that suits them perfectly.

I also think it’s important to note, that every Rolex wristwatch is designed to be worn and enjoyed. I want every client who visits us to leave wearing the watch they have chosen, look at it each day or whenever they wear it and feel as lucky as I do to wear a Rolex. I know that it’s easy to worry, especially with something so precious, but the industry-leading, five-year International Guarantee and Superlative Chronometer rating is not only a testament to the brand’s exceptional standards of watchmaking, but also an incredible comfort to the wearer of a Rolex watch.

The Rolex collection offers a comprehensive selection of timepieces, but do you have one particular model or configuration you personally love?

My favourite Rolex watch is the Rolex Day-Date. The history behind the timepiece, which was released in 1956, makes it so incredibly interesting to me and it’s instantly recognisable. Its features remain a symbol of classic style that transcends generations. It was the first waterproof, self-winding chronometer watch to offer a modern calendar with an instantaneous day display, spelt out in full, in addition to the date. The bracelet is available exclusively with models offered in precious metals within the Day-Date collection, as well as the Lady-Datejust range – there is something so exclusive about it. It is almost impossible to choose just one wristwatch from the Rolex collection, there are so many iconic timepieces to explore. 

If a client is interested in purchasing their first Rolex watch, what are the key pieces of advice you would offer them?

I would always say to choose a watch you love. It is so important to myself, my team and to each of our showrooms that we find the perfect wristwatch for our clients’. It could be that you have a particular material that you prefer, a dial colour that you are drawn too or even a specific function you require, such as the date. If a client is considering purchasing a Rolex wristwatch it is often to celebrate a moment in their life, perhaps a promotion or an anniversary, and the experience of purchasing that the watch becomes a memory for both us and the client – it has got to be perfect. I think there is something so special about presenting a watch as a gift or surprise in a showroom such as ours. The team and I often reserve our discrete VIP library for an occasion like this and the joy it brings to the recipient is really quite fantastic.

Rolex by Prestons is based in the centre of Leeds and has been for over nine years, it holds a special place in the heart of Prestons – why is this?

I love Leeds, it is a truly incredible city and we are incredibly lucky to have a showroom right at its heart. I joined Rolex by Prestons in October and I have felt so welcomed by each of our clients – I think that says a lot about the relationship our showroom has built in Leeds and the surrounding area, over the last eight years.

Each of the Prestons showrooms strive to offer The Prestons Experience. For you, what is it about Rolex by Prestons which makes it so unique?

I have to say the service each Prestons showroom offers is exceptional. Every member of our team is so dedicated, so personable and each genuinely care about their clients. I feel exceptionally grateful to work in an environment which offers such an immersive experience to every client who visits us and with a team who are so eager to share their passion, knowledge and advice, with both new and existing clients.

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