Jewellery is a very special to most people, it signifies memories, moments and even your own individual style. It is important that this treasured jewellery is well looked after – whether its your diamond engagement ring, or your favourite tennis bracelet, these few tips will ensure your jewellery is always immaculate.

There are a few recommendations that cover a vast selection of jewellery. Firstly, it is important that at night you try and remove most of your jewellery. Secondly, if you often visit the gym it may be advised that you remove your jewellery – especially if you often lift weights, or train using heavy machinery.

Furthermore, we would advise that you try to refrain from applying lotions, creams or perfume directly onto your jewellery – especially pearls, which are particularly sensitive.


At Prestons we recommend cleaning your jewellery regularly to ensure it remains as beautiful as when you first purchased it. We would suggest that cleaning your items with a babies’ toothbrush, or soft cloth and a small amount of fairy liquid will ensure that your piece keeps its sparkle. However, we do not recommend soaking your jewellery. Alternatively, you can bring your jewellery to your nearest Prestons showroom and our experienced team will happily assist you in cleaning your pieces.


At Prestons we believe strongly in the quality of our jewellery, if something isn’t quite right or you aren’t happy with any aspect of your piece then please visit your local showroom where one of our experienced members of staff will advise and guide you.