The Prestons Experience: COVID-19

At Prestons we understand that although things may be a little different when you visit us, our dedicated sales teams, our values and our exceptional customer service remains the same.

Each of showrooms now have in place the necessary safety precautions to ensure the well-being of our teams but also the well-being of our clients. These precautions include a limit on the number of clients we are permitted to have in our showrooms at any one time, the required personal safety equipment for our teams as well as updated cleaning and hygiene procedures, each of which is detailed below.

Social / Physical Distancing

  • Each of our showrooms feature a locked door policy will remain when they reopen. In each of our showrooms our customers will be encouraged to open the door to the showroom themselves, rather than with the assistance of our security team, to respect a physical distance of 2m.
  • In all showrooms, we will operate a maximum capacity of customers / clients at any one time which we kindly ask that our clients respect. This policy is to ensure that in all instances we can respect a physical distance of 2m. For the maximum capacity of clients permitted at your local Prestons showroom, please contact the showroom directly.
  • If our showrooms reach capacity we will kindly ask our clients to wait outside until it is safe to enter. Alternatively, the team would be delighted to arrange an appointment, at a time and date convenient for yourself.
  • To ensure our showrooms can accommodate as many appointments or clients as possible simultaneously, we would kindly ask that where possible, our clients attend our showrooms in groups of no larger than two. The team at Prestons understand that for many visiting us can be for a special occasion and therefore, where possible, we will do our best to accommodate additional loved ones or family members. If you hope to visit our showroom in a group larger than two we would encourage you to make an appointment prior to your visit.
  • Each of our teams have carefully considered the layout of our showrooms and the best way to utlise the space we have available to accommodate our clients in a safe and respectful manner. In some instances, this may mean that not all of our serving desks can be used simultaneously, that our seating or desk areas may have been rearranged or that our areas of our showrooms may be restricted if they are occupied by a client.

Hygiene & Cleanliness

  • Each morning our dedicated team members will be allocated a serving desk for them to utlise throughout the day. This allocation will prevent ‘hot desking’ and the movement of staff, where possible, between desks.
  • Each of our staff members will be allocated a filterable face mask. It is asked that our employees where these face masks when it is not possible to comply with physical distancing and / or if they are serving, welcoming or assisting a customer or client.
  • Each staff member will be asked to wear disposable gloves whilst handling jewellery, wristwatches or repairs.
  • Each product in our showroom will be thoroughly cleaned, using the appropriate method, following contact with either a member of our team or a client.
  • Each client in our showroom will be encouraged to utlise the hand-sanitiser we have available as well as offered a disposable mask and disposable gloves should they wish to use them.
  • At Prestons the cleanliness and hygiene has always been a top priority as our teams take great pride in presenting our showrooms to our clients. Throughout this pandemic our cleaning and hygiene procedures have been further enhanced for the safety and well-being of our teams and our clients.

Safety & Security

  • For the safety and security of our dedicated team members we will kindly request that no clients are permitted to enter our showrooms if they are wearing a mask that covers their entire face to ensure they are identifiable for security reasons. A mask which covers a client or customer’s nose and mouth is permitted.